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3 Ways to Try Embroidered Denim

If there’s one trend that we can get onboard with this season, it’s embroidered denim. A refreshing way to dip into the 90’s, this is an undeniably fun way to liven up classic denim, from delicate florals to adorable hummingbirds and brash slogans that speak so you don’t have to. Spotted absolutely everywhere, here’s how you can subtly work the trend into your wardrobe:


Get shirty

So it’s not strictly denim, but an embroidered shirt is a brilliant way to wear the trend if you don’t quite fancy splashing out on often-expensive denim. Not only does it create a striking statement, it’s versatile too. Button it all the way to the top for a bold style or keep it undone and slip a body underneath. Better yet, undo the top button and wear a beautiful necklace to create an effortlessly chic aesthetic.

Try: The Rose, a military-inspired cotton shirt with rose embroidery at the yoke.

Grab your coat!

One of our favourite ways to do embroidered denim is with a jacket. And a statement one at that. Go for something oversized with delicate embroidery to create beautiful contrast. Our Elsie has proved oh so popular with its rough and ready raw hem, pale pink rose details and bleach wash. A denim jacket is versatile and chic: team yours with a little dress or rock some double denim.

Try: The Elsie, our customer-favourite raw hem denim jacket.

Little Blue Skirt

As the weather begins to warm up (yay!), we’re turning our attention to the denim skirt once more. Ridiculously sweet with a turtleneck jumper or a sheer shirt, embroidered denim skirts are the way to nail the trend on its head with an unexpectedly girly twist.

Try: The Rory, an infectiously adorable A-line skirt embroidered with florals and hummingbirds AND named after a Gilmore Girl, duh.

How will you be working this trend?

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