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5 Podcasts We’re Loving

On studio days, one of our guilty pleasures is whacking a podcast on the big speaker and getting a little extra something out of the working day. We tend to take a break on Mondays (when music is needed to up our productivity!) and Thursdays because Throwback Thursday playlists on Spotify totally rule the roost here, but for the most part, podcasts have been the way forward here at Honey + Chai HQ. A great way to broaden the mind and get you thinking or laughing or feeling something, here are three of our current favourites:

#Girlboss Radio

One of the most prolific podcasts out there, #Girlboss Radio is Sophia Amaruso’s podcast that takes a weekly look into the lives of female entrepreneurs, borrowing advice and exploring the creative, cultural and business ventures of each guest. As a company owned and run by women, it’s one of our favourites and we love hearing how fellow businesswomen have overcome struggles in their careers and journeys. There’s a huge range of career paths in discussion as well as social issues, all with a huge archive that you can dip into now.

My Dad Wrote A Porno

If you’re looking for something hilarious and a little bit odd, My Dad Wrote A Porno is one of our new favourites. The podcast is a weekly podcast by Jamie Morton. Alongside his best friends James Cooper and Radio 1 DJ Alice Levine, he reads a chapter per week of… the dirty book his Dad once wrote. We can never work out whether the terribly bad novella or their commentary is funnier but it certainly ticks all of our boxes when a Wednesday is slightly slower than anticipated…!


Fellow fans of Serial will love this investigative podcast. The podcast revolves around a man named John who doesn’t like the town in which he lives. He asks the host - Brian Reed - to investigate an individual from a wealthy family who brags that he ‘got away with murder’, but then the plot thickens and a huge mystery unravels week by week. Sarah Koenig, of Serial, is behind the scenes as Editorial Advisor, for anybody interested.

Ladies Who Lunch

Ladies Who Lunch is the podcast founded by Ingrid Nilsen, one of our favourite YouTubers. Alongside her fellow YouTuber Cat, the duo discuss issues that young women face, covering a range of subjects from friendship woes to sex taboos and more. We find it’s a great introductory podcast for young women, offering friendly, frank and helpful advice on issues that are not commonly discussed.

How She Creates

Another great podcast for fellow creatives, How She Creates is a podcast dedicated to spotlighting artists and encouraging its listeners to be more creative and to indulge in their passions. There’s a home-made community feel to the podcast and each episode delves into a different creator and their chosen path. Full of inspiration.

What have you been listening to lately?

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