As Seen On You

This week we’ve been loving seeing photos of YOU in our pieces. We can hand-on-heart say that there’s no greater feeling than seeing our wonderful customers appreciating our hand-picked pieces. And so we’re introducing As Seen On You, a series where we’ll feature you!

Peaches, UK fashion blogger

Fashion blogger Peaches styles up the Elsie with a black beanie and double denim. One of the coolest ways to wear this piece, we think it looks incredible for the remnants of winter.

Arden, Germany-based blogger, wears the Elsie with a black turtleneck, the perfect way to show off its’ raw edges and pastel floral embroidery.

The Roxy gets a sweet outing paired with black skinny jeans and black platform boots on customer Louise.

And founder Michelle has been all over the Rose shirt, perfect tucked into jeans and styled with heeled boots. Dreamy.

Tag us at @honeyandchai or use the hashtag #honeyandchai to be featured here next time! Happy snapping!


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