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How To Introduce Hygge to Your Daily Routine

When it comes to living life simply and with a calm objective in mind, we think we’ve kinda nailed that at Honey + Chai HQ. And so the Danish concept of ‘hygge’ is something we’re all about at the moment. ‘Hygge’ (pronounced hue-gah) is a Danish word that is a feeling or mood that comes taking genuine pleasure in making ordinary, every day moments more meaningful, beautiful or special. In other words, it’s about cultivating a lifestyle that makes the most out of the most simple things.

Embrace your passions

One of the key takeaways from ‘hygge’ is that it allows you to make and take meaning from your favourite things. So embrace your passions: whether that lies in blogging, in knitting, in lighting candles and reading for hours at a time, in building puzzles or something else equally niche, embrace your passions each evening to unwind and you’ll slowly begin to see the beauty in an everyday day.

Take time

2016 was undoubtedly a year for the #Girlboss, nailing that ‘you can have it all’ mantra. But it came at a price with hundreds of thousands of young professionals burning out. Hygge is about creating a wonderful, genuine mood, so don’t feel guilty about putting an entire evening aside to take a bath, live simply, make your living room perfectly cosy and more. You know, the little things that you used to try and squeeze into an hour of ‘relaxation’ before going out for a dinner, for drinks, for a walk by the river. Stop. Take time.

Reflect and remember

Take some time to reflect on your days. Just starting out? Note down or text a friend with two things that made you happy and/or grateful that day. Reflecting on what creates a beautiful mood will enable you to continually curate your ideal ‘hygge’ lifestyle.

How do you embrace ‘hygge’?

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